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Granite Guys is the only contractor in the San Antonio area that exclusively does turnkey kitchen and bath remodeling. The team is a carefully assembled group of professional designers and craftsman that focuses its design and remodeling activities on the customer.


Granite Guys is dedicated to completing all projects on time, on budget, and to meeting customer expectations.



The family-owned Kitchen Designs by Giovanni was founded 2008 in San Antonio by Giovanni Marotta. Its showroom, warehouse, and offices are located in north central San Antonio.


The “who did your kitchen?” question that customers are asked has a one-word answer: Giovanni. Though the business was originally called, “Kitchen Design Studio”, it quickly became apparent that the company’s brand was more closely linked with Giovanni Marotta than “Design Studio”. So the name evolved to Kitchen Designs by Giovanni.


Giovanni originally got into the kitchen remodeling business in 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio, and worked for one of the leading global market brands for kitchens and bathrooms. They encouraged him to start his own business, so he did with a handshake and a start-up loan from that company. Giovanni paid the loan back within the year, and grew the business by almost 800% in 18 months.


A San Antonio native, Giovanni served in the United States Marine Corps where he learned the valuable skills of teamwork and how to follow orders. He keeps the Marine Corps values and traditions of honor, courage, and commitment in the forefront of everything he does.


Giovanni and his wife Victoria have two children.

The Team


During your project, Giovanni’s team will be in your home for three or more weeks, depending on the size of your project. Giovanni hires people he feels customers will trust, like, and appreciate.


“Our hiring guidelines are strict. We hire seasoned, low-drama, and polite team members. At the end of their projects, our customers like, respect, and refer us to their friends and family.” – Giovanni

Committed to you


Giovanni’s craftsmen are trusted team members who show up for work on time, every day, and work well together. They know what is expected of them because they have been practicing their trades for a number of years. They are committed to completing your kitchen or bathroom on time and on budget.



Every member of Giovanni’s team is carefully selected to complement the rest of the team. All team members are sensitive to making sure things go as smoothly as possible for the customer during the entire remodeling project.



Giovanni’s team knows how to get in and out of a project quickly and efficiently. Their quiet confidence about what they do and how they do it results in a choreography that can’t be duplicated by a collection of individuals who don’t have team chemistry or knowledge.


by Giovanni

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