The Cadence℠


Every one of Kitchen Design by Giovanni’s projects, whether it is a kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling project, follows the same rhythm, or as Giovanni calls it, the Cadences℠. It consists of 8 steps that represent everything you can expect to happen in your project.


  1. Estimate

  2. Material Selection

  3. Order

  4. Template

  5. Manufacture

  6. Install Counter Tops

  7. Touch Up

Free Estimate

“Our customers want the convenience of having somebody else manage their projects from start to finish. They want to know that their kitchen or bathroom will be done right, on time, and without problems.


They don’t want do any parts of the remodeling themselves, like painting, nor do they want to have to line up any of the subcontractors for the project.


I built the business on this principle:  we will do every part of a remodeling project, from start to finish, and we will make sure it is done correctly.”



The Process


Giovanni will come to your home and meet with you. He will ask you questions about you and your dream kitchen, such as:


  •  How do you spend your time in the kitchen? Are you a cook?
  •  How many people do you typically cook for?
  •  Do you like to entertain?
  •  What is your budget? What are you comfortable with spending?
  •  What do you really like about your current kitchen? What do you dislike most?

Project Management


When you hear nightmare stories about remodeling projects taking forever, going over budget, or not being done according to a customer’s wishes, it is probably because the contractor is not actively managing the project.


A Granite Guys project will be planned and organized. Staffing and materials are controlled. Schedule and budget are closely monitored. Any surprises (for example, problems with existing electrical wiring) are communicated immediately, with suggested options for solving the problems. Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) practices are observed throughout the project.



Your contract will include start and finish dates, and the time-frame will be realistic. The schedule is carefully controlled so that the crews are not overextended.


We only do Granite, so we know how long it takes to complete a project. We show up when we say we will, and we do our work in the time-frame promised.



Giovanni’s typical customer has been thinking about and planning their new kitchen or new bath for about two years. The average customer meets with Giovanni’s design team 14 times before the job starts, and interacts with 24 different people during the design and remodeling process.

Barefoot in the Kitchen


At the end of each workday, Giovanni’s crew will leave your kitchen or bathroom area clean and debris-free. Clean enough that you will be able to walk barefoot through your kitchen.

New, too


If you are building a new home, Giovanni will work with you to design and construct your new kitchen and bathrooms.


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